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Billing Portal

Is your billing system safe?

Our billing system is designed and built using industry standard techniques, with security in mind throughout. All current best-practices are carefully followed in order to ensure that risks are minimised where ever possible, and automated testing attempts to validate that we have not introduced any vulnerabilities when we deploy updates to the system.

Our system does not store or process any credit card details - all this information is directly transfered to a VISA owned company for processing and storage.

Further more, our merchant service provider requires us to complete (at a minimum) quarterly security scans by an independent third party in order to maintain our PCI Compliance. If you would like to receive a copy of our PCI certificate, please contact our support team.

How do I save a payment card?

If you would like to save a card either to automatically pay invoices as they fall due, or to save yourself time from having to enter them for each invoice you pay, you can opt to securely store them with our VISA owned processing company, Authorize.NET.

Firstly, login to your Billing Portal account at

If you do not have a login, please contact our support team.

In the top right, click on the Profile drop down - where it will say "Welcome"
This will present you with a menu, select Manage Cards.

Click on Add New Card

Enter the card details; note that the Friendly Name is how you will refer to this card, please ensure that it is unique and useful but do not include your card details in the name!

If you wish to use a card for automatic payment, select the card from the drop down list and click Save payment options. If you do not wise to use this feature, or you change your mind, simply set this to "Do not use auto-payment".

To use a card, simply find an invoice you need to pay and you will receive the option to use a saved card on the payment screen - simply select the card from the drop down list, and click "Pay Invoice".


If you receive an error when saving a card, please ensure your Profile is fully completed. You will find this under the Profile drop down at the top right of each page.


What is the "Sensitivity" option on tests?

The sensitivity option allows you to control how many monitoring "nodes" need to report the same failure condition before it is counted as an outage.

For example:

You have a website running with Acme ISP, and a an uptime test configured with a sensitivity of two.

A monitoring node based in Azure EU (Ireland) identifies that your website is inaccessible, but another located in our data centre in the Berkshire area indicates that it is available. No alert would be triggered.

If the sensitivity was set to one, you would have received an alert and it would have been logged as an outage.


At present we are conducting all monitoring tests from three locations: Azure, Amazon Web Services and our own co-located data centre in Berkshire. As such, we recommend a setting of two or LESS for the sensitivity.


Higher numbers for sensitivity will reduce false alarms, but may mean you miss events that would impact a sub-set of your potential visitors.


Please note, if you are hosting on Azure or AWS, you do NOT want to set a sensitivity level of three as this will NEVER generate any alerts.

Why does my Web Uptime Test not show 100% availability?

Have you noticed that sometimes the Availability chart for your Web Uptime Test dips below 100%? But you don't have any outages listed?

This means that we have observed a drop in connectivity, which does not match your alerting threshold - such as one node seeing a connectivity blip, and another not when you have a minimum of 2 failing nodes set (Sensitivity on 2).

We still record that the fact that there was (possibly) a drop in connectivity, and so this will reflect on the graphs you are presented. If you would like us to investigate any potential problems, or false positives, please just open a support ticket with as much detail as possible and we will be happy to investigate.

Office 365

Delegated Administration

The quickest way for us to assist you with your Office 365 subscription is to grant us delegated administration rights; this will allows us to see the configuration of your package quickly and securely. To set this up, please click here and follow the prompts.

Delegated access can be removed at any time without our intervention.


If you have any questions around delegated administration, or indeed Office 365, please do get in touch.

Office 365 Trials

If you are looking to register for a trial, or want to give Office 365 a test drive we can help with that too!

Simply kick off a trial using the links below and get in touch.

For details of the plans on offer, please refer to the Office 365 website.

Office 365 Business Trial

25 user license trial, with delegated administration

Register here

Office 365 Business Premium Trial

25 user license trial, with delegated administration

Register here

Office 365 Enterprise E3 Trial

25 user license trial, with delegated administration

Register here


Need help with something not listed?

Simply drop us an email at [email protected] and we will be pleased to help.

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